Name Location Type For Year
A More Fluid Atmosphere Atlanta Exhibition High Museum of Art 2024
El Libro Supremo de La Suerte San Francisco Exhibition Pier 24 2024
A Geological Survey Miami Exhibition Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami 2024
Pugilista Cuba Editorial Rolling Stone 2024
A Geological Survey Western United States Project Ongoing Project 2022-ongoing
A More Fluid Atmosphere Miami, Florida Book Pomegranate Press 2017-ongoing
A More Fluid Lexington, KY Exhibition 2021
Eclipse Miami, Florida Project TIS Books 2020
El Libro Cuba Book TIS Books 2018
El Libro Panama City, Panama Exhibition Antítesis 2017
King of Fish Colon, Panama Project 2007-ongoing
Florida Sugar Florida Editorial Rolling Stone 2023
Feria de las Flores Colombia Editorial Wall Street Journal 2022
Finding Community Ecuador Commercial Airbnb x HIAS 2022
The Last Petrostate Guyana Editorial Bloomberg Businessweek 2022
Transformations Miami, Florida Editorial The New York Times 2021
Portraits The World Editorial Fader, The New York Times, … 2017-2021
Make Way for Tomorrow Colón, Panama Editorial Harper’s Magazine 2019
Women in Cuban Jazz La Habana, Cuba Editorial The New Yorker 2019
The Break Hawaii Editorial The California Sunday Magazine 2019
One Future Miami, Florida Commercial Calvin Klein 2020
Street Style Miami, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Panama Editorial The New York Times 2018-2021
Jamaican Dancehall Kingston, Jamaica Editorial The New York Times 2019